Label Presses
1998 Comco Cadet  L4340
2007 Edale Beta Unwind Web guide Splice table 6 x flexo print stations 5 x hot air dryers 1 x IST UV dryer Web turn bar Lamination unwind 2 x rotary die stations waste rewind Camera inspection system Rewind Tooling L4186
2007 Edale Beta 330 Edale Beta 330 Age: 2007 Serial no: 078477 Web width: 330mm Unwind E+L Web guide Vetafone corona treater Delam/Relam Web turn bar 9 x flexo print stations 9 x IST UV dryers 2 x rotary die slots (1 x rotometrics accutrack) Waste rewind Video inspection camera Slitting station Rewind 4 x magnetic die cylinders 20 x anilox 50 x print cylinders L4317
2020 Gallus Labelmaster 440 Gallus Labelmaster 440 Age: 2020 Web width: 440mm Unwind with roll lift Web guide Teknek two-sided web cleaner 8 x servo driven flexo units 8 x GEW UV dryers Web turn bar Cold foil - UV lamination Rotary die station Waste rewind Sheeting station Sheet delivery station Rewind Tooling  L4342
2004 Gallus EMS410 Print width: 410mm Sensotec automatic register control Kocker and Beck auto splicing unwind E+L electronic web guide Teknek two-sided web cleaner Arcotec Corona treater 9 x servo driven flexo print stations 9 x IST UV dryers 9 x servo driven water-cooled chill rolls Press rail system Lamination unit 1 x rotary die station with K&B GapMaster) Waste rewind Magnetic die crane and hoist BST Video inspection system Tubescan 100% inspection camera Exit nip with die slot Rewind with 2 rewind shafts Kocker and Beck automatic rewind unit Touch screen operator control panel Chiller 14 x anilox sleeves 10 x magnetic die cylinders 80 x print sleeves L4149
 GM XP500/CP550 GM XP500 / CP550 Web width: 500mm, 1.2m unwind, 2 x flexo print units, 2 x GEW UV dryers, 1 x hot air dryer, 2 x cold foil/uv lamination units, die station with waste rewind, sheeting/punching station, waste rewind, sheet delivery conveyor, Rietstack stacking unit, Adpak shrink wrapping unit L4333
2017 MPS EB370 MPS EB370 Age: 2017 Web width: 370mm Unwind with roll lift BST web guide Teknek two-sided web cleaner Delam/Relam 8 x servo driven flexo units 8 x GEW Rhino UV dryers 1 x IR dryer for water-based varnish Web turn bar Full press rail system Cold foil / UV lamination Multi-layer label crossover unit Back scoring unit 2 x die stations (1 x Gapmaster) Waste rewind with compacting roller BST camera system Edge slitting station Rewind L4326
2005 Nilpeter FA3300S Nilpeter FA3300S Age: 2005 Web width: 330mm Unwind Fife web guide Kevla web cleaner delam/relam web turn bar 8 x servo driven flexo units 8 x GEW UV dryers Cold foil / UV lamination units 1 x rotary die station Edge slitting station 2 x waste rewinds 2 x rewinds HMI control panel Print cylinders: 8 x 72, 7 x 87, 8 x 92, 8 x 96, 8 x 99, 8 x 104, 8 x 108, 8 x 111, 8 x 112 Magnetic die cylinders: 104t, 111t, 128t Anilox: x 26  L4336
2019 Weigang WL-340 Weigang WL-340 Age; 2019 Web width: 340mm Unwind Web guide 1 x servo driven flexo print station with re-registration control 1 x UV dryer 1 x servo driven cold foil stamping unit 1 x servo driven flatbed screen printing unit 1 x UV dryer 1 x servo driven flatbed hot foil stamping unit 1 x servo driven semi/full rotary die station BST web inspection camera Touchscreen HMI operator control Waste stripping and rewind station with waste compactor roller Rewind  L4330
2007 Gidue Xpannd  L4171
2000 Gallus EM280 Web width: 280mm Unwind Web guide Corona treater 4 x print stations 4 x IST UV dryers (2009 new) 4 x water cooled rollers 1 x hot foil unit 1 x rotary die station Waste rewind Rewind Magnetic die cylinders Screen rings  L4196
Digital Label Equipment
2017 ABG Digilase ABG Digilase Age: 2017 Web width: 330mm Unwind Web guide Lamination unit Laser die cutting station with twin 200 watt sealed Co2 lasers Fully automated workflow management with optional JDF laser file generator Servo driven waste matrix stripping assembly, with lay on roller Waste rewind Back scoring Slitting station 2 x rewinds  L4308
Slitter Rewinders
2017 Ashe Opal ISR Slitter Rewinder Ashe Opal ISR Slitter Rewinder Direct servo rewinder 12-250 micron material - suitable for mono films Age: 2017 Serial: 1014-17 Web width: 330mm Digital tension control with servo driven nip Unwind with roll lift Web guide Splice table Shear knife slitting station 2 x rewinds with lay-on rollers Touchscreen HMI  L4319
2007 Ashe Opal 2 Slitter Ashe Opal 2 Slitter Rewinder Age: 2007 Web width: 430mm Serial no: 574-07 Unwind with roll lift Web guide Splice table Shear knife slitting unit Strobe inspection unit 2 x rewinds with lay-on rollers L4320
2019 Etirama Evo Slitter Rewinder Web width: 350mm Unwind Web guide Splice table Slitting station Rewind Label and length count L3805
2013 Smag Neptune 100% Inspection Rewinder Max web width: 350mm Unwind with 76mm pneumatic shaft (950mm diameter) E+L Electronic web guide Splice table Inspection table BST Nyqvist 100% Inspection camera BST Operator control screen with job management Slitting station Web advance arm Rewind (max diameter 500mm)  L4178
Turret Rewinders
Plain Label Converters
1997 ABG Plain Label Converter - Rewinder ABG Plain Label Converter - Rewinder Age: 1997 Web width 410mm Large capacity unwind Standard unwind Web guide with splice table 1 x rotary die station Waste rewind Slitting station Web advance arm Rewind Label and length counter L4306
1996 ABG 410 Plain Label Converter ABG Plain Label Converter 330mm web width Unwind Web guide 2 x rotary die stations waste rewind slitting station inspection table web advance arm Rewind  L4328
2010 Flexor 380 380mm web width Large capacity unwind web guide splice table 2 x servo driven die stations Waste rewind Rewind L4161
Label Sheeters
1988 Gallus Sheeter Unwind Infeed unit Re-registration control Sheeting unit delivery conveyor Sheet to register or length repeat L4152
Hot Foil Machinery
Press Accessories
Various Ben Bunch  Fan Folder 10" - 20" web widths available In-line fan folders L3935
Misc Gallus EM410 Screen Head 2 x available Include Squeege P2
 Gallus RCS330 Offset Heads 5 x heads 5 x 22" print cassettes 5 x 24" print cassettes P3
NEW Grafitec Cold Foil UV Lamination Unit  NEW001
NEW Grafitec UV/Self Wound Lamination Unit  NEW002
NEW Grafitec Delam/Relam  NEW003
2011 Heaford 500 ELS Video Plate Mounter  L4244
 Longford OS700 Booklet Feeder  L4260
2010 Nilpeter-Stork FA4-Mk2 Screen heads two available  L4066
 Gallus RCS330 103t, 120t, 128t, 132t, 142t, 162t, 190t GP1018
 Gallus EM410 / EMS410 unwind / rewind shaft 212-01434.003 NEW CONDITION GP1001
 Gallus EM410 unwind / rewind shaft gear driven shaft Used - good condition  GP1006
 Gallus EM410 / EMS410 Web width: 410mm Standard pressure bar and gauges Used / very good condition Part number: 09406560 GP1009
 Gallus EM410 Rotary screen printing station with accessories  GP1021
 Gallus / Kocher and Beck EM410 / EMS410 Kocher and Beck Gapmaster bridge and pressure gauges to fit Gallus EM410 / EMS410 die stations Used / very good condition GP1008
Mark Andy
 Mark Andy 2200-13 Print cylinders: 14x72, 17x74, 9x78, 10x80, 4x84, 9x86, 11x88, 13x90, 5x92, 6x93, 9x94, 9x96, 14x98, 20x99, 8x100, 20x102, 8x104, 6x108, 8x110, 20x112, 20x114, 5x116, 20x120, 1x124, 14x126, 7x128, 2x134, 3x136, 1x138, 10x140, 3x143, 1x147, 10x148, 1x152, 12x156 GP1029
 Mark Andy 2200-10 2x58, 1x62, 1x64, 1x68, 5x74, 6x76, 8x78, 6x80, 7x81, 7x82, 12x83, 5x84, 4x86, 6x88, 2x89, 1x90, 9x92, 1x94, 2x95, 16x96, 3x98, 2x100, 9x102, 1x105, 7x106, 6x112, 6x115, 8x120, 5x123, 8x128, 1x130, 7x136 GP1033
 Mark Andy 2200 13" / 330mm Magnetics: 72, 74, 80, 84 x 2, 3x88, 90, 92, 94 x 2, 96, 98 x 2, 99, 100, 102 x 2, 104, 106, 108 x 2, 110, 112, 114 x 2, 116 x 2, 120 x 2, 124, 126, 128, 132, 2 x 134, 2 x 136, 138, 140 x 2, 143, 147, 148 x 2, 152, 156 GP1029
 ABG Various 20" / 510mm - 38mm 16"/ 410mm - 25mm, 38mm, 40mm, 3 x 44mm, 76mm 13"/ 330mm - 3 x 12mm, 15 x 38mm, 5 x 40mm, 4 x 44mm, 3 x 50mm GP1036
 GEW Ballast Unit From VCP / EC systems 1250W 1500W 2000W  GP1034

Machines wanted for stock

If you are looking to sell any of the following equipment please let us know as we always looking to buy for stock - contact us here
Muller Martini Prima and Bravo, 335, 321, stitching lines Heidelberg ST100 ST300, ST350 stitching Lines Muller Martini Normbinder, Corona, Trendbinder and Starbinder Perfect Binders Kolbus perfect Binders Kolbus BF hard cover book lines Aster & Muller Martini book sewers Wohlenberg three knife trimmers